The 7 Days In May Virtual Challenge

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What is the Virtual Challenge? 

The virtual challenge is once again being held this year to accomodate cyclists who want to participate in 7 Days In May but are apprehensive of congregating in groups due to COVID-19, or who might be geographically far away from the ride and still want to participate. We understand completely – and we have created this ride so that you can still do your part to help 7 Days In May continue it’s fight against pancreatic cancer. 

Event Details:

Ideally, we would prefer to have you participate during the 7 Days In May ride – Saturday May 28th through Friday June 3rd 2022. But, you can participate on another day, or days, if that is more convenient for you. The basic event details are:

Registration Fee: $25. Twenty five bucks, that’s right. Ride for one day, or as many days as you can. You choose!
Fundraising: Minimum of $100 fund raising for each day you ride. i.e. Ride one day, raise $100, ride seven days, raise $700, etc.
Your Ride: You can ride either indoors or outdoors. We encourage you to pick an event to ‘ride along with’ and map out a route that would be similar to that ride. For example, 50KM or 100KM+
Prizes: If raise more than $500, you will win a free 7 Days In May cycling jersey!

Also, if interested, you have the option to buy certain 7 Days In May clothing items at list price.

The “Rules”:

We recognize that this is a virtual ride, and at the end of the day you are in total control of what you do. But, these are the guidelines that we would like you to follow (there aren’t many!):

  1. Ride for at least 2 hours each day.
  2. If you want to truly follow along with the group, you should aim to do a virtual 160km ride each day.
  3. We strongly encourage you to post updates about your virtual rides to social media, or in absence of that we encourage you to send us photos of your epic virtual journey!

You Will Need:

Regardless of whether you are riding indoors or outdoors, everyone’s virtual ride is going to be different. But, here are the basics of what you will need: 

  • If riding indoors:
    • An indoor cycling trainer, or stationary bike.
    • A fan to keep you cool. Feeling fancy? Set up two!
    • Towels! You will sweat a lot. 
  • If riding outdoors:
    • Lights. Both forward and backward facing lights to ensure that you are visible to both cars and pedestrians.
    • A bicycle helmet.
    • A safe and properly functioning bicycle. 
    • Please respect the rules of the road and ride safely.
  • Regardless of whether you are riding indoors or outdoors:
    • Plenty of electrolyte beverage mix to keep yourself hydrated.
    • Snacks. It’s best to prepare ahead of time and have them on hand. Think of eating as not just fuelling for today’s ride, but for tomorrow’s as well.
    • Eat + drink early and often. You don’t want to bonk. 

If you are participating on Zwift, we will connect you with other 7 Days In May virtual riders and make suggestions for daily virtual meet ups so that you can ride in a  virtual pack. 

Now it’s time to register… you can do it!


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