The 7 Days In May Virtual Challenge

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The 2021 Virtual Challenge 

Due to the ongoing challenges with the COVID pandemic, 7 Days In May is going entirely virtual for 2021. But we are expanding our scope and efforts hoping to make this a fun way for everybody to participate! While we plan to be back “in person” for 2022, let’s focus on having some fun, challenging ourselves and, more importantly, continuing to raise money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Research in Canada. Our fundraising makes a difference and we can’t stop now! We have set a target for our group to raise over $125,000 this year and if we accomplish this very achievable goal, 7 Days In May will cross the $1,000,000 mark in total funds raised! From small beginnings, we have grown and have made a difference. Together, we can #EndPanCan

Event Details:

The virtual event will be “open” for the entire month of May, plus a few days in early June to coincide with what would have been the completion of the original 7 day ride (May 29th – June 4th). Our hope is that each participant can be active on May 29th and 30th, but every day in the time period from May 1st to June 4th will count! The fact that you’re taking part is the most important thing. Have some fun. Ride your bike – inside or outside. Raise awareness!

The basic event details are:

Dates: May 1st – June 4th, 2021

Registration Fee: $50

Fundraising Minimum:  $100

With Registration: Participation medal, t-shirt, swag bag

Rewards For Fundraising:

  • $250 – Buff
  • $500 – Socks
  • $1000 – Jersey

Ride Challenges:

Over the entire event, there are several ways that you can participate, as well as other fun challenges you can strive to achieve, and then share your achievements with us. The primary ways that we encourage you to participate are:

  • 7 Days of Riding (any 7 days over the 5 week period)
  • 7 Consecutive Days of Riding (has to be 7 days in a row)

Other ways to share your 7 Days In May experience include:


  • My Biggest Ride – Have you pushed yourself and done your longest ride… ever? Share your success and let us know!
  • Best Group Ride – In Ontario, this means 5 people or fewer following COVID guidelines. If you had a great group ride experience, shout out about it, but share it with a few socially distant pictures
  • Best Family Ride – Get everyone involved and tell us about it. Take a picture of your “family”. Any distance. Three people make up a “family” – and if you need to join another family, do that – within local COVID guidelines, of course
  • Best Destination Ride – Heading for a great place to eat or take out? Or one with a great vista. Pictures of the reward are critical here… a good chance to support local businesses
  • Wettest Ride – Ride in the rain, take a pic, share the event. Get wet. Jump in puddles. Do it again and again.
  • Sweatiest Ride – Is it a hot day? Were you riding inside or outside? Did you sweat more than usual? Prove it. Let’s see how you look. Share and compare!
  • Dirtiest Ride – Doing a little off road? Gravel riding? Trail riding? How dirty is that bike? How dirty are you? Show us your grit!
  • Fancy Artwork – Do you just ride for fun or are you a route artist? Let’s see that Strava art. Show us your designs!

Strava Club:

One of the ways that we are encouraging the community spirit of 7 Days In May is our newly created Strava club. This will allow you to follow along with everyone else’s rides throughout the month of May, see stats, and see where you stack up against the rest of the crew!

Check out our club here:

Share Your Ride:

We strongly encourage you to post updates about your virtual rides to social media. Be sure to follow us and to use the following hashtags to spread the word. Please tag us as much as you can.




Hashtags: #7daysinmay #7daysvirtual2021 #ridetoendpancan


You Will Need:

Regardless of whether you are riding indoors or outdoors, everyone’s virtual ride is going to be different. But, here are the basics of what you will need:


  • If riding indoors:
    • An indoor cycling trainer, or stationary bike.
    • A fan to keep you cool. Feeling fancy? Set up two!
    • Towels! You will sweat a lot. 
  • If riding outdoors:
    • Helmet. 
    • Lights. Both forward and backward facing lights to ensure that you are visible to both cars and pedestrians.
    • A safe a properly functioning bicycle. 
    • Please respect the rules of the road and ride safely.
  • Regardless of whether you are riding indoors or outdoors:
    • Plenty of electrolyte beverage mix to keep yourself hydrated.
    • Snacks. It’s best to prepare ahead of time and have them on hand. Think of eating as not just fuelling for today’s ride, but for tomorrow’s as well.
    • Eat + drink early and often. You don’t want to bonk. 

Now it’s time to register… you can do it!


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