Presented by our partners at EY, this year we will be offering a shorter 50km distance from Downtown Toronto to Whitby. A Fun ride, and a great way to make a difference in the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer. 


7 Days In May raises vital funds for leading pancreas cancer research. Relative to other cancers, pancreas cancer is drastically under-funded. Your donation today can help save someone’s life tomorrow.


Each day during 7 Days In May, we release a daily video to highlight our journey and share the experience with you.


Presented by our partners at EY, this year we will be offering a shorter 50km distance from Downtown Toronto to Whitby. A Fun ride, and a great way to make a difference in the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer. 


Each day during 7 Days In May, we release a daily video to highlight our journey and share the experience with you.


Saturday May 23rd, to Friday May 29th, 2020.

7 Days In May is a cycling event and fundraiser that was founded in 2012 to increase awareness about pancreas cancer and to raise funds to help find a cure for this deadly affliction. The statistics are staggering: 93% of those diagnosed will die within 5 years. 75% of patients will die within the first year following diagnosis. Pancreas cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer related death in Canada and, sadly, it is on track to move to the second leading cause in the next 5 years. Survival rates have not improved in the last 40 years. Great strides have been made, thankfully, in addressing other forms of cancer – breast, colon and prostate cancer, for example. The survival rates for these forms have cancers have improved dramatically in the past 10 years, for which we are all very thankful. We believe that through increased awareness and heightened focus in the research and medical communities, similar improvements can be made for pancreas cancer. It is time to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by pancreas cancer. 7 Days In May has been created to help stimulate this improvement.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

Mom at my 30thGord Townley admittedly is the “Chief Instigator” for 7 Days In May. In 2009, his mother, Lorraine Townley, was diagnosed with pancreas cancer. Although senior in years (she was 83 when diagnosed), Lorraine was determined to beat the disease. She was eligible for surgery (the whipple procedure) which she had in January 2010. Subsequently, Lorraine underwent 18 months of chemo therapy, enrolled in a clinical trial to help measure treatment success, and was given a clean bill of health on August 10, 2011. But, as with many pancreas cancer patients, the disease came back with a vengeance and in November 2011, Lorraine succumbed to the cancer and passed away. Obviously, Lorraine is greatly missed by her family. While sipping a Christmas Eve scotch later that year, Gord came up with the idea of creating an event that would honour his mother’s memory and fight, and help raise awareness and funds to fight pancreas cancer. Maintaining good health through physical activity is one of the key preventive measures that everybody can do to help prevent the onset of pancreas cancer. Gord as a cyclist, saw the obvious link between a challenging riding event that would require some preparation, and endorsing a healthier, more active lifestyle. Fred, Gord’s brother in law, had the notion to ride around Lake Ontario (1100 KM) the next summer, and the idea behind the 7 Days event was born.

Why May? Why 7 Days?

To get ready for an early season ride of 1100 KM, Gord started training early in January. Winter weather is not fun to ride in outside, so Gord trained indoors on a trainer, or in spinning classes. During one of these sessions, the Blue Rodeo song, “5 Days In May” was playing and Gord was inspired. May presented the opportunity for a ride earlier in the season than other major fund raising rides. But, in speaking with a few people interested in riding around the lake, they all thought that 5 days was too much riding in a short period. A quick People On Bikes Facebook poll was launched, and 80% of respondents indicated that a 7 day trip would be viable. The concept for 7 Days In May was complete.


What’s Next?

We recognize that not everybody can take 7 days from their busy schedules to commit to full day rides around Lake Ontario. And, getting to Toronto to take part in the full ride can make the prospect even more daunting. But, it is possible for people to participate in local rides closer to their neighbourhoods. It is our hope to extend further across Canada and potentially have rides in other countries. It would be great to create an international movement for 7 Days that increases awareness of pancreas cancer around the world. Single day rides are a start, but we’d like to see people commit to 7 days of activity. To start making exercise and physical activity part of everybody’s lifestyle that will not only help prevent pancreas cancer, but also improve the health and well being of all participants. 7 Days In May is more than just a ride, or a challenge. We want to see it become a movement to raise awareness and funds so that we can help patients everywhere beat pancreas cancer. Great things are happening in the field, but more needs to happen. Let’s work together to change people’s lives and give patients diagnosed with pancreas cancer hope. Hope to survive more than 1 year. Hope to survive more than 5 years. Hope to live. Now, we think that is something worth participating in. We look forward to riding with you in May… where ever you are.

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Saturday May 23rd, to Friday May 29th, 2020.

7 Days In May is an annual charity cycling event. There are three aspects of 7 Days In May: i) a single day riding event featuring a 160KM ride, ii) a weekend-long riding event where we ride to Cobourg Ontario one day, & Kingston Ontario the next, and iii) a 7 day event where we ride around Lake Ontario. This year, 7 Days In May will be held from May 23rd to May 29th. with our single day rides held primarily on Saturday, May 23rd.

17811782293_b4531a03d7_zThe official ride start location is Richards Memorial Park in Mississauga, Ontario. All rides including the single day, weekend-long, and 7 day “Lake Riders” start together after a short opening ceremony.

You can also join the Lake Riders as they travel around Lake Ontario over their 7 day adventure. Again, you have options. Here are some of the more popular rides that people have chosen in the past:


i) Day 1 (Saturday, May 23rd) to Cobourg, ii) Day 1 and Day 2 – ride with us for the weekend. May 23rd to Cobourg and May 24th to Kingston, and iii) Day 7 – meet us in Niagara Falls and ride to Mississauga on May 29th. Transportation back to your starting destination will be coordinated for riders who ride with us on Saturday May 23rd, and Sunday May 24th: Please contact us when you register so we can plan accordingly. All riders are provided with full van support.

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7 Days In May is fundamentally about raising awareness and finding a cure for pancreas cancer. This deadliest of cancers receives less than 2% of the funding through general cancer research, yet has a 5 year survival rate of less than 7% – the only “major” cancer with a single digit survival rate. Here is some more information on this killer and where you can find out more information.

About Pancreas Cancer

370px-Purple_ribbon_svg1Pancreas Cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in Canada and most people who develop pancreas cancer do so without any predisposing risk factors. Because the pancreas lies deep in the belly in front of the spine, pancreas cancer often grows silently for months before it is discovered. Early symptoms can be absent or quite subtle. More easily identifiable symptoms develop once the tumor grows large enough to press on other nearby structures such as nerves (which causes pain), the intestines (which affects appetite and causes nausea along with weight loss), or the bile ducts (which causes jaundice or a yellowing of the skin and can cause loss of appetite and itching). Unfortunately, most pancreas cancer tumors are found after the cancer has grown beyond the pancreas or has metastasized to other places. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, an estimated 4,800 new cases of pancreas cancer will be diagnosed in 2016.

Shocking Statistics

It is estimated that 4,800 Canadians (48,960 in the US and more than 338,000 worldwide) will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016; approximately 4,600 Canadians (40,560 in the US) will die. Pancreas cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer-related death in Canada and the United States and the lifetime probability of developing pancreas cancer is approximately 1 in 79. It has the highest mortality rate of all the major cancers – 95% of patients die within 5 years of their diagnosis and 75% of patients die within the first year. It is the only leading cancer killer with a 5 year survival rate still in the single digits at 5% and the survival rate has not improved in the last 40 years. Pancreas cancer is difficult to detect and spreads quickly. Vague symptoms including back/abdominal pain, weight loss, jaundice and nausea usually appear after the cancer is at an advanced stage making it difficult to treat. There are no detection tools to diagnose this disease in its early stages when surgical removal of the tumor is still possible. Surgery offers the best chance for long term survival. Only 15% of patients are diagnosed early enough to be eligible for surgery. The most common form of surgery for removal of a pancreas tumor is the whipple procedure which is followed by chemotherapy or a combination of chemotherapy/radiation. Approximately 52% of all patients are diagnosed when the disease has spread to surrounding organs leaving little hope for survival (only 2% will survive ten years). Statistics are courtesy of the National Pancreas Cancer Canada Foundation. For more information, details and programs, we encourage all of our visitors to view Pancreas Cancer Canada’s web site.

Signs & Symptoms

The signs and symptoms can be confusing to not only patients but also to healthcare providers because they vary depending on where the tumor is located in the pancreas (the head, body or tail). When they do appear, they can include:

  • Pain in the upper abdomen or back
  • Jaundice – yellowing of the eyes or dark urine and pale stool
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Indigestion-like pain
  • Bloating
  • Diabetes late in life
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Overall skin itch

These symptoms are not sure signs of pancreas cancer but have been linked to a diagnosis. Anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor so that the doctor can diagnose and treat any problem as early as possible.

Progress Is Being Made

Despite the dire statistics, some significant progress has been made in the past few years. 7 Days In May is about awareness and finding a cure, but it is also about hope. On a regular basis, we will be posting about major accomplishments and our favourite stories, so watch for those and return to our site regularly for updates.

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7 Days In May is more than just an annual charity cycling event. In memory of Lorraine Townley, her surviving children have created a charitable foundation that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to cure pancreatic cancer.

How The Foundation Is Structured

torontofoundationlogoFor simplicity, low administration costs, and to have a viable infrastructure, we partnered with the Toronto Foundation as the parent organization for the 7 Days In May Foundation. Working with the Toronto Foundation provides a transparent, fully audited, well funded and reputable organization that ensures our funds are secure and our commitments can be fulfilled. So far, they have been a helpful, involved and enthusiastic partner and we are happy to be part of their family.

How Funds Are Collected

There are two ways that funds will are collected for 7 Days In May.

  1. All year round you may donate directly to the fund by going to the 7 Days In May Foundation page on the TF web site and making a donation. Receipts will be issued by the TF and mailed to you at a later date. At this time, the TF is not able to issue on line tax receipts, although they are working on that and should have it in place in time for our 2015 activities. Or,
  2. Donations can be made to any of our participating riders in the 7 Days In May event. All of our fund raising riders are listed on the “Donate” page within this site. By choosing any rider, you will be directed to the Pancreatic Cancer Canada web site that is hosting the donation pages for each rider this year. If you choose to donate in this manner, you will receive an on line tax receipt issued by Pancreatic Cancer Canada, which has a direct affiliation with the NCIC Clinical Trials Group. While this seems a bit complicated, the reason we are doing this to limit the amount of steps required in getting the donated funds to their final destination, to ensure that administrative costs are minimal, and to allow us to track all donations by rider – because riders get recognition and rewards the more they raise.

Donate To A Rider  Donate To The 7 Days In May Team Donate To 7 Days In May Foundation

Where The Money Goes


In 2018, 7 Days In May is proud to be working with Pancreatic Cancer Canada and their focused PancOne™ initiative. PancOne™ is the first multi-disciplinary research partnership between major cancer centres across Canada. The goals are simple: faster diagnosis and more effective treatments for people with pancreatic cancer. By maximizing the research expertise and infrastructure already in place, we expect to dramatically change the outcome of pancreatic cancer and save more lives! “Today, we know what lies ahead for pancreatic cancer research, and our community has never been more united. Let’s be inspired by the advancements in other types of cancer as we prepare to celebrate our own breakthroughs for pancreatic cancer patients and their families.” Michelle Capobianco Executive Director Pancreatic Cancer Canada Previously, we directed our fundraising efforts to the P.A.6 Clinical Trial conducted by the Canadian Cancer Trial Group at Queens University in Kingston. We switched to PancOne™ as the P.A.6 trial had concluded, and it’s successor, the P.A.7 Trial, is fully funded privately and does not require additional funding. While supporting P.A.6 we provided vital financial assistance that contributed to the successful completion of the trial. We raised a total of $335,000 dollars for P.A.6, and had a measurable impact of the outcome of the trial. In the final two years of our partnership with the CCTG and their PA.6 trial, the efforts of 7 Days In May allowed the CCTG to fully accrue participation in the PA.6 clinical trial. We look forward to hearing from our friends at the CCTG this June on their progress and findings from this very important clinical trial. Going forward, 7 Days In May will continue to work with the CCTG via the PancOne™ program. When needed, the CCTG can apply for a grant from PancOne™ and we will ensure that the 7 Days funding goes to this excellent group of people in Kingston.

For more information about the PancOne™ program, please visit Pancreatic Cancer Canada’s website:

Learn More About PancOne™

For more information about the Canadian Clinical Trials Group, please visit their website:

Canadian Clinical Trials Group Website

There Are Many Ways To Get Involved

During the 7 Days In May ride, there are many opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. Whether you are interested in manning one of the refreshment stations, helping to coordinate the riders during our May 23rd rides, operating our photo booth, and much more. There is lots to do, and if you aren’t a cyclist, but still want to make a contribution towards our fight against pancreas cancer, then volunteering is the perfect solution. All volunteers will receive a certificate of participation, and as a registered charity we are eligible to award community service hours. If you are interested in volunteering with 7 Days In May, please use our contact form below. Your help makes a big difference in making our charity possible, you’ll love being apart of the our team! .

Become A Volunteer Become A Partner Become A Sponsor

Donate to 7 Days In May

Our cycling event & fundraiser for 2019 is now ramping up, and our individual rider pages are being created as our riders register! It will be exciting to watch the team grow. This year we moved our donation platform to the Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation (PCCF). It is user-friendly and simple to set up. And, the PCCF is providing the service of funds collection free of charge, allowing 7 Days In May to continue donating 100% of every dollar raised to critical pancreatic cancer research, and primarily to the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, who are directly associated with the PANCONE™ initiative that Pancreatic Cancer Canada has created. If you are working with us, this is something you can mention to people as you fundraise, that the money they are giving is going right to the group that is leading the way with ground breaking pancreatic cancer research.
When you click on a Team Member’s name, you not only support their ride, but you make a valuable donation to the 7 Days In May fundraising page on the Pancreatic Cancer Canada website. All online donations will be issued a receipt. On these donations, receipts will be issued from the Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation and e-mailed to you subsequent to the donation being made on line. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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  • Pancreas Cancer Mortality Rate 93% 93%
  • Number Who Die Within One Year of Diagnosis 75% 75%
  • Pancreas Cancer Survival Rate 5% 5%
  • Amount of National Funding Received 2% 2%

Pancreatic cancer remains the deadliest of all adult cancers in Canada. Only through medical research will we be able to make significant headway against this disease. But research is expensive and very little research funding is spent on pancreatic cancer. Our longstanding partnership with 7 Days In May has allowed us to complete an important international clinical trial, with trial results soon to be reported! The 7 Days In May gang have also been exceptional ambassadors in raising awareness about the disease and critical need to fund ongoing research

Jim Biagi, MD, FRCP(C)

Department of Oncology, Queen’s University at Kingston

Countdown to 7 Days In May: May 23rd, 2020.








badge1Single Day Ride: On Saturday May 23rd we will have all riders riding the full 160 KM distance to Cobourg leaving from Coronation Park in Oakville Ontario. This 168km route snakes through the western GTA, and through the rolling hills of scenic Port Hope and Cobourg.  


Weekend Ride: Saturday May 23rd, and Sunday May 24th. This is a great option for anyone who is interested in riding full days with the group, but perhaps cannot spare any time away from work. This ride follows the routes for Day 1 & Day 2. .



7 Days Around Lake Ontario: Saturday May 23rd to Friday May 29th. So one day just isn’t enough for you? You have visions of Le Tour De France, and Paris-Roubaix running through your mind? This is the ride for people who like BIG rides – 7 days around Lake Ontario, and all in the name of raising funds and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Research. The average daily distance is 160 KM and the ride is fully van supported.


Van Support: The entire ride is van supported with our trusty SAG Wagons. No, they are not frumpy vehicles, rather they are Support And Gear vehicles that follow along with the group. Carefully spaced out, they offer you the food, water, and repair assistance you may require whether you are pushing towards the front of the group, sitting in the middle, or hanging back.


Day 1 Route

Single day riders heading to Cobourg and the 7 day Lake Riders will head out with all other riders following the same route through Toronto, travelling the gently rolling bike path along Lake Ontario. Of course, the key difference is that once they hit the 75KM turn around point at Balmy Beach Club, this group will continue heading east for a very nice 168KM ride to Cobourg. From the Beach, the ride leaves Toronto along Kingston Road and takes secondary roads through Pickering before hugging Lake Ontario again in Whitby along some very nice bike paths. The route continues east through several parks and smaller towns (Bowmanville, Newcastle, Port Hope) until we ultimately reach Cobourg. We will help manage return trips to the GTA, so come along if you can.

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Day 2 Route

Day 2 was voted by last year’s riders as their favourite riding day. Predominantly through small towns, we continue our eastward journey along Lake Ontario until we reach Prince Edward County. The route takes us through the rolling hills of the county to Picton, where we get a short break and take the Glenora Ferry across the bay where we continue along the Loyalist Parkway towards Kingston. Most of the last segment is through historic and scenic locations along Lake Ontario.


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Day 3 Route

In 2020, 7 Days In May will introduce some changes to our routings. The first change comes on Day 3, although it basically combines the old Day 3 route with the old Day 4 route. The new route has us leave Kingston in the morning, then take the ferry across to Wolf Island, and the to Cape Vincent. Welcome to the United States. Once at Cape Vincent, we head in land for a few kilometres a we travel south, then we basically hug the east coast of Lake Ontario on our way to our evening stop of Oswego, NY. Overall the day is around 164KM of rolling, scenic landscapes with some vistas that present great places to get an overlook of the majesty of Lake Ontario.

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Day 4 Route (short and long options)

Today we ride from Oswego along the shores of Lake Ontario, then head inland to end in Geneva, NY to enjoy some of the beauty around the Finger Lakes region. As our middle day in the ride, we provide two options for distance. The direct route to Geneva will be a 96KM journey. Once leaving the shores of Lake Ontario, about 45 KM in, our route takes us through scenic farm lands and back roads to the northern tip of the Finger Lakes. For those that look forward to a longer ride, as we approach the Finger Lakes, when we get to Waterloo, rather than turn right to head to Geneva, our route will venture further south to take us on a 180KM adventure overlooking Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake and the rolling farmland and small towns in between. We all end up in Geneva for the evening with great access to the vibrant downtown and variety of restaurants and shopping options to enjoy.

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Day 5 Route

Only one word can describe our route for Day 5 – EPIC! Today’s route has it all. Rolling hills, beautiful lake vistas, a challenging and rewarding long climb, and some winding down hills through scenic valleys. The route is challenging – 145KM with over 1400 meters of climbing, but the scenery and variety of terrain is what every road cyclist dreams of. Including a 7KM climb at the base of Canandaiga Lake with a spectacular overlook of the lake as your reward at the top of the climb. The route takes us from Geneva, heading SW towards Canandaiga Lake, then NW until we end up in Henrietta for the evening. In the past, we have arrived in Henrietta from the north, coming up an extended climb from Lake Ontario. This year we arrive from the south through rolling hills, parkland and farmland. A beautiful ride!

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Day 6 Route

Last year, Day 6 was the most unpleasant. Strong winds along the shore of Lake Ontario forced us to head in land to the Erie Canal bike path, which we followed in to Niagara Falls. Well, we enjoyed that detour so much, that we have changed the route for this year. After 5 days, Lake Ontario has started to look pretty much the same anyway, so heading in land was a pleasant change. And, if you haven’t ridden the Erie Canal, that too is very nice cycling route. Flat roads, nice scenery, wonderful small towns. A very nice ride to be sure. Our ride ends the US version of our journey as we ride back to Canada across the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, and then we are home in Ontario. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

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Day 7 Route

After a quick stop at the Horseshoe Falls (photo opportunity!), we follow the Niagara River north to beautiful Niagara-On-The-Lake, and then we follow Lake Ontario and the Waterfront Trail all the way around towards Hamilton. In Hamilton, we will take a quick side step up the “mountain” to visit the Juravinski Health Centre, one of the participants in the PA.6 Clinical Trial. From the Juravinski Centre, it’s all downhill and flat through Burlington, Oakville and finally to Mississauga and we are home after just over 1100KM has been completed. The beer and food that evening taste exquisite, I can assure you.

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Watch videos from each day of our ride, and see each individual day of our 1,160km trek around Lake Ontario.


If you are interested in sponsoring, partnering with, or supporting 7 Days In May in any way, please get in touch with us.


BACK FOR 2020! Presented by our partners at EY, this year we will once again be offering a shorter 50km distance from Downtown Toronto to Whitby. A Fun ride, and a great way to make a difference in the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer. 


Whether you are interested in volunteering, have questions about the ride, or are looking to get involved as a sponsor or partner – we want to hear from you! Send us a message through the contact form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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